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Prec-Cast Kft. Sátoraljaújhely / Hungary

Largest manufacturing site in Best Cost Country

General Key development for Eastern European customers
In-house tool manufacturing
Die-cast machinery from 100 tonnes up to 2,800 tonnes
CNC – machining of components and structural component groups
Entire process sequence: Casting, machining, surface finishing and assembly






Foundry 55 Cold chamber die-casting machines (Bühler, Italpresse, LK) closing force of 100 to 2,800 tonnes
4 Hot chamber die-casting machines (Frech, Ital, IDRA) closing force of 60 to 125 tonnes
Machining 30 Chiron machining centres FZ 18 W, FZ 12 S, FZ 12 W, DZ 18 W, DZ 18.2K W
5 SW double spindle machining centres SW06, SW04
4 Haas machining centres
20 Special purpose machines (drilling and milling machines, product-specific rotary transfer machines)





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