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A global family-owned business

Our global locations are the market benefits for our customers

The Wolf Group’s global corporate decision making is coordinated centrally at its Regensburg headquarters. The administrative departments of the globally expanding company along with the central development division are based here. Regensburger Druckgusswerk Wolf is located in a residential area to the west of the growing medieval town.

As part of the company’s restructuring, a move to an industrial area in the south of the town is planned in the coming years, where a state-of-the-art foundry with large, fully automated die-casting cells producing closing forces in excess of 2,000 tonnes will be created. To prepare for this step and in order to establish itself in the market in the sector for big machines, the present foundry building was remodelled to make room for large die-cast cells ranging from 2,800 to 3,500 tonnes. The first machine has been running since July 2011. It is used for casting components for the agricultural automotive and electrical industry. The next hall remodelling and additional machines will follow early 2012. Approximately 250 km east of Budapest, on the edge of the Tokaj wine region and right on the border with Slovakia the Wolf Group operates its largest plant in the town of Sátoraljaújhely.

The Hungarian Prec-Cast site has been part of the company for over 20 years and through the ongoing expansion of the EU has become established as a central and increasingly important industrial location in Eastern Europe. Since it was founded in 1989 the site has continually expanded through the introduction of new, state-of-the art production halls, plant and technologies. Thanks to the continual exchange of innovations and ideas with the Regensburg headquarters, Prec-Cast has steadily developed into a self-contained production plant. It has also become a major partner in the Eastern European automobile and electrical industry.

A further Wolf Group site will be established in Slovakia near the Hungarian border.
This will support the existing Pre-Cast site in Hungary and will operate state-of-the-art technology and meet the logistical requirements for a modern foundry. The building project, which has already completed the planning stage, will comprise an industrial park and contribute to the development of the region. In addition, customers, suppliers and other companies can be offered the opportunity to set up a location in a “best price” region.

The medium-term plan is to also build a foundry for the economical production of specialised high-volume components in a “lean production” process. Apart from the European sites, the global strength of the Wolf Group is expanding through the establishment of the Chinese Prec-Cast Zhongshan plant. This production plant, completed in the spring of 2010, is located in Southern China, in a strategically important hub for the cities of Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, all approximately 100 km away.

Prec-Cast Zhong Shan was set up as a 100% owned Group subsidiary. It will produce a range of cast parts as well as raw and mechanically machined products for the Chinese and international markets. Due to the high demand this new plant with its nine pressure die-casting machines and eight machining centres will already be fully utilised by mid-2012. Consequently, plans are already in full swing to build a second plant, possibly in northern China.

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