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For the desired finish

System supplier with excellent finishing and assembly processes

Classical foundry surface treatment and finishing such as vibratory grinding and shot peening are standard at all sites of the Group. The different grinding media will vary depending on the components to meet the customer-specific requirements to the surface and downstream processes.

For further component and surface finishing, the Wolf Group cooperates with preferred partners at all the sites. In addition to the post-compaction of pressure-tight components and secondary deburring by thermal or electrochemical deburring, various processes for surface protection or for finishing are performed externally. These include powder and liquid coating, chromating, anodising and other technical surface finishes. 

Specifically for the Hungarian site, a partner could be found in a company who set up operations in the proximity of the plant. This gives the Group a tangible logistical advantage over its competitors – an advantage that will benefit you as a customer. The application of the surface finish, such as chromating, anodising and phosphating as well as painting, powder coating and cathodic dip-coating is directly integrated in the production process of Prec-Cast due to the physical proximity.

Of course, the Group not only provides surface finishing of the components but also numerous assembly processes. These range from the simple fitting of bushings through to full assembly of ready-to-install modules on semi and fully automatic equipment. The Wolf Group has thus developed into a renowned system supplier to the automotive and electrical industries and offers customers worldwide a high and consistent standard of quality.

Key facts at a glance

  • Offers all surface finishing and protection
  • Critical logistical advantage through the close proximity of surface treatment services
  • Comprehensive customer-specific semi-automated and fully-automated assembly procedures
  • Wolf Group is a full system supplier inclusive of surface technology and assembly


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