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The die-casting capacities of the Wolf Group

Global potential for an extensive product range

Worldwide, Wolf Group is currently able to produce aluminum die-cast parts on 70 casting cells with a clamping force of 100 to 2,800 t. Our Hungarian location Prec-Cast forms the largest share with 60 die-casting machines. In the aluminum sector, there are die-cast cells with a wide range of automation. This means that Wolf Group is in a position at this location to produce products of very small yearly demand on systems with manual removal at low cost but also to manufacture high-volume series components on fully interlinked die-cast cells in a highly economical manner for mass production.


The automated spraying process, process monitoring and vacuum support for many machines are available in Hungary and China and guarantee consistent quality. Thanks to the proactive investments made in recent years, Prec-Cast plant uses die-cast cells of the latest machine generation to produce components for the powertrain, industry, body in white and electromobility sectors. Zinc components of the company group are currently also being produced in Hungary on four hot chamber machines.


Die-cast cells with smaller to medium clamping forces of 400 to 800 tons are implemented at the ever-growing Chinese location Prec-Cast Zhongshan. These produce components from the automotive and non-automotive sectors for the local Chinese and international markets. Of course, the same high quality and process standards apply to semi-automatic production as in Europe. In the medium term, however, there are also plans in China to manufacture components for the automotive and non-automotive market in a second plant on die-casting machines ranging in size from 1,000 to 2,500 tons.


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