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Wolf Group development partner

Transnational qualifications for boundless innovation

In recent years the Wolf Group has also established itself as a development partner for its customers. The development division based in Regensburg coordinates development projects for both the Group and its Western European customers alike. Using the Pro/Engineer and Unipraphics CAD systems and in future also CATIA, and with the assistance of qualified external partners, product data, FEM calculations, solidification simulations and tool construction can be carried out in very short timescales. Through simultaneous engineering projects the Wolf Group has developed numerous components from the prototype construction stage to series production launch in close collaboration with its customers.

The Hungarian development division is also an esteemed partner for Eastern European customers. In the medium term, this development service shall also be provided at the Chinese site to meet the needs of local customers. Continual exchange of ideas and innovations with Regensburg and close collaboration with the Hungarian foundry faculty of the University of Miskolc make the Prec-Cast plant unique in this region.

Through product development carried out over recent years a variety of optimisation projects for processes and products have been launched in addition to solidification simulations in collaboration with the university. These projects have given students from Miskolc the opportunity to carry out their bachelor and diploma theses at Prec-Cast. In return, Prec-Cast staff from the foundry, engineering and toolshop has been able to receive ongoing training at the university. The various plant development divisions are supported by skilled project teams which supervise the product lifecycle from prototype to well past SOP into production.

Over and above, technical consultation with the customer is just as much part of the project manager’s remit as orderly project and change management. Even after SOP the products are continually refined, serviced and optimised from economic and quality aspects. The development division at the Chinese Prec-Cast Zhongshan site is still under construction and is currently managed largely by the European sites. However, in the medium term, an independent, powerful division shall also be established, on which local customers can rely.

Key facts at a glance

  • Established development partner of the automobile and electrical industries
  • Expert advice as part of simultaneous engineering
  • Fast and flexible customer-specific solutions
  • Provision of international project teams for professional project management


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