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Alloy 230 in accordance with DIN EN 1706 : 06/98

Aluminum die casting alloys

Chemical name EN AC – AlSi12(Fe)
Numerical name EN AC – 44300





Chemical composition


10,5 – 13,5 %

Fe 1,0 %
Cu 0,10 %
Mn 0,55 %
Mg -
Cr -
Ni -
Zn 0,15 %
Pb -
Sn -
Ti 0,15 %
other additions single 0,05 %, total 0,25 %

Mechanical characteristics

Tensile strength Rm min. 240 Mpa
Yield Rp0,2 min. 130 Mpa
Elongation at break A50mm min. < 1 %
Brinell hardness min. 60 HBS
Fluidity A
Hot-cracking resistance A
Pressure tightness C
Corrosion resistance C
Machinability C




For complex, thin-walled, pressure-tight, warm and fracture-critical vibration resistant castings with very good corrosion resistance. Particularly difficult, thin-walled pressure-cast parts with high elongation.


Wings, ribbed body, cylinder, crank, pump-and thin-walled enclosure, difficult mounting blocks and plates etc.

Main Features

Eutectic alloy with excellent mold filling capacity, high hot cracking resistance and excellent casting properties and good chemical resistance, even against sea water, excellent weldability and good machinability.


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